Carpenters Local Union

Welcome to the website of Carpenters Local Union 152
which serves Contra Costa, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne Counties

The Carpenters Union has had at least one local union in Contra Costa County since 1901. We are an affiliate of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (U.B.C.) located in Washington, D.C. We are also an affiliate of the Northern California Carpenters Regional Council (N.C.C.R.C.) located in Oakland, California.

What is a Union?
A labor union is nothing more than a group of working men and women who agree to stand together for better wages, working conditions, and benefits. By standing together and bargaining collectively with employers, workers gain the power to negotiate a fair wage for their labor. A power that individual workers do not have. Through unity, workers can insist on a fair wage, health care benefits for both themselves and their families, pension benefits for security in retirement, safe job sites, and training for tomorrow's work force.

A Brief History of the Brotherhood
The Carpenters Union was founded in 1881 by Peter J. Maguire. Since then, hard working families have fought and won many of the labor standards that we take for granted today. Organized labor is responsible for the 8-hour work day and the 40-hour work week. Organized labor is largely responsible for the access to a skilled trade now available to men and women of all races through union apprenticeship programs. Members of the labor movement also worked for public education and restrictions on child labor.

Through political education and membership involvement in the political process, organized labor continues to work to protect the rights of working families.

The first Local in Contra Costa County was Local 642 in El Sobrante, California, chartered in 1901. The next Local was Local 2038 in Antioch, California, chartered in 1937. Then came Local 2046 in Martinez, California, chartered in 1918.

We now have one local located in Contra Costa County, Local 152, which was chartered in 1988.

Union Mission
We are a labor organization whose intent is to represent Carpenters in all matters concerning economic justice, work place Safety, Training, Collective Bargaining and to help maintain health, dignity and respect for all Carpenters and their families.

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